Interior Design Ideas: The Original Bean Bag by Fatboy

Fatboy’s Original Bean Bag is your gateway to quality relaxation time. It is, seriously.

But hey! don’t just take our word for it. We interviewed Mr Original himself and it turned out to be a real philosopher. Here’s some of his thoughts:

“People totally underrate quality relaxation time. They’re always in a rush to get somewhere. Or do something. But what about going nowhere? Or better yet, doing nothing? See, that’s what I’m all about. I’m comfy and I’m soft. I’m basically irresistible and you my friend, should pick up the phone right now and call in sick. You deserve it. Your body deserves it. So dive right in, and, relax. After all, there’s so much nothing to do.”

Indulgence comes with a price though. Be very aware that your happiness levels might increase. You might start baking cakes for your neighbours.  You might start loving your parents-in-law. What’s more terrifying, you might start being nice to strangers on the Tube, which as you might know is unacceptable by any British standards.

Will The Original be the solution to all your problems, and the ultimate key to your happiness??. We honestly doubt so.

But it comes in 16 stunning colors: Black, Blue, Brown, Cobalt, Camouflage, You Name It… and it’s really comfy. And it looks great. So get one from us. Now. Or have a look at more Bean Bags. Or just switch off your screen and go bird feeding. Seriously, it feels great.


Designer Bean Bags: The Original by Fatboy