Interior Design ideas: Ara’ table lamp by Flos, designed by Philippe Starck

Today we will blog about the Ara’ table lamp by Flos, designed by Philippe Starck.

We are dealing with some serious stuff right here, so let us put this product in perspective for you: Philippe Starck is the world’s most acclaimed product designer, bar none.  You might know him for designs like Juicy Salif, a product often studied in Design schools. Flos is the most acclaimed lighting designer in the world, and its products are regarded as ‘icons’ by interior design professionals and aficionados.

So what could be possibly be created from the world’s biggest design giants? A whole line of revolutionary lighting, from which we selected the Ara Lamp.

You can tell the Ara Lamp is a special product as it already boasts being part of the MoMa Design Collection. Not all products can say that -if they spoke of course, which is something science could prove, yet-. We think the Ara Lamp is aesthetically pleasing. We also think it serves its purpose gracefully. Take the switch as an example. Forget about your boring hand switches. Take the Ara by its horn, swivel it and voilá… it’s suddenly on!

What do you think about this table lamp? Would you adopt it in your home? Let us know your opinions.

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Lighting ideas: Ara' table lamp by Flos, designed by Philippe Starck