Wonders of Design – Giro table by Bontempi

If you have a large family, or you often invite people for dinner, I’m quite sure you know how painful is to set up your normal extending dinning table. It normally takes two people at least, and it often involves getting your finger stuck or crashed by complex mechanisms that seem to be designed for anything but humans.

Now, Bontempi has done it for you. Just rotate the big circle and be amazed on how the smaller circles come out automatically. It’s a simple, easy movement that requires no effort at all, so one person can easily do it. Just twist the main plate and let the magic happen!

You might think this is the type of furniture that you’d buy to impress your guests. Well, it certainly is, but it will save you time, effort, and possibly one or two finger wounds, so I’d say it’s very functional.

LATEST NEWS: We were so in love with it that asked Bontempi to take the exclusive for the whole London area… and we have it!! The bad news is… you’ll have to wait for the end of January to take it home.

In the meantime, enjoy this wonder of design