Interior Design blog – because we love design too

Pictures: gorgeous furniture by Hülsta.

Fci’s team is excited about what’s been going on in our company recently. We are preparing a sleek, ultra-functional shop to be launched in a couple of months, and we are dug in a pile of great interior design projects that we are eager to develop and deliver.

With our geek-squad changing the whole online structure, we thought it might be a great opportunity to ask them to provide us with our little own space so we can write about our number one passion: design and its surroundings. They happily said yes and they set up this cool blogging platform for us, so we can now share with you our thoughts and opinions about what we like most: design.

We will update contents regularly, so make sure you come back for your daily design dose. Also, we will post “secret” information about the showrooms, so you will find exclusive bargains that you can only find in here. Keep your eyes open for those, as they won’t show up frequently!.

So, we hope you like our new home. Make yourself comfortable and bear with us… for there’s a lot of things to see together!