Happy birthday to the “King of POP”

Happy Birthday Michael Jackson!

Artist, Dancer, singer-songwriter and musician and unquestionably the biggest pop star of the 80s.

In his prime he had all the talent to own the charts, with a voice easily recognisable, and amazing dace moves.  Thriller was the first video i saw as a kid, sitting on the sofa with my Dad waiting for it to premier on TV.  The album of the same name is still one of the biggest, best-selling albums of all time!

The King of “Pop” has been immortalised in many ways throughout the years in more ways than one.  Artist Peter Faulkner has created a piece entitled “King of POP” using metalized POPCORN!  View here to find out where you can see and buy this awesome piece of art.

Peter has been working with the Jackson family on another project since 2009 and decided to create a range of novel artworks based upon the pop icon using popcorn.  He has offered to auction one of the artworks to one of Michael’s favourite charities, and the auction is due to take place later this year.

Happy Birthday Michael!